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Mobile app for suppliers

Mobile apps for wholesalers, speed up your business.

Save time and improve your business with this revolutionary mobile app.

Save time and improve your business with this revolutionary mobile app.
Your customers can now easily order their stock through an app.
When you try to speed up the tasks of your company and workers, simplifying the contact with different clients and automating certain processes is the best solution. Think about everything that an app can assist you with. In the case of the wholesalers, you can fully manage your work online.

Especially when you are looking for affiliated products, an app for wholesalers is without any doubt the best option. With our wholesaler app, you will be able to offer all your products with their different sizes, colors and models so that each costumer places their orders according to their needs. You can better organize your shipments, schedule your visits and focus on other aspects of your work.

Your customers will also be able to request self-supplying of a product when you are, maybe, out of your work, so you can expedite the distribution of a new shipment as soon as possible when you come back.

Among other functions, you can highlight new products, add images and videos. You can also create custom offers for each customer, for instance if more than a specific amount of products is being purchased.

In conclusion: an app for wholesalers will give you the agility that you need to continue with your expansion and focus on reaching new costumers.

If you have any doubts or believe that you may need many more features, contact us, we will reply back as soon as possible.

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