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Mobile App Development in New York City | Abalit Technologies


We are Abalit Technologies, a company that will turn your mobile ideas into action

Our mobile app developers will work close to our app consultants in order to provide you with the best app development service ever

Our app's factory is located on the Empire State Building, 350 5th av. 59th floor, although our main branch is in Barcelona (Spain) and we are also in Madrid (Spain). You will meet a team with people whose professional profiles are different to each other. Our team is built by app developers, app designers, software analysts, business people and marketing agents. Our main mission is to make your project grow.

During the app development process, we work with you, with your idea and also with the promotion to turn your idea into a successful project.
We begin with your “app idea”, and then we try improve it. Immediately after this, we debate what functionalities will work better for you, and then we start to develop your own mobile app.

We are experienced in business management tools, entertainment apps with different purposes, e-commerce apps, promotion and events among others. We have also developed some educational games for kids, which is really challenging!

Once your mobile app is fully developed, we will show you the latest marketing techniques. Furthermore, we will analyze which other techniques have been used by your competitors.

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