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Our app development factory is located on the Empire State Building, 350 5th av. 59th floor, although our main branch is in Barcelona (Spain). We are also in Madrid (Spain) and London (United Kingdom). You will meet our app creation team composed by people whose professional profiles are different to (and complementary to) each other: app developers, app designers, software analysts, business people and marketing agents. Our main mission is to create mobile apps especially built for your project, allowing it to grow and expand to other markets easily.

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During the app development process, we will work with you, with your idea and also with the promotion or your app to turn your idea into a successful Startup.

We start from your “app idea”, and then we try improve it. Our app development consultants love suggesting new ideas and app functionalities that will make a difference from your competitors. Immediately after defining the functional scope of the app, our UX experts will work on the app design. Only then, we start to develop the mobile app because you will be 100% sure that what we have agreed is what we will create.

Once your mobile app is fully developed, we will show you the latest marketing techniques. Furthermore, we will analyze which other techniques have been used by your competitors.

We are mainly experienced in apps for entrepreneurs and startupscorporate app development, where we have built many apps for enterprises and multinationals.

Do not waste your time: while you think about hiring us or not, your competitors are already working hard.

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