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Which are the most popular apps in New York? As you can see, here you have the most downloaded apps during this year!

Take a quick tour through this post and find out which the most used apps are in New York.

#1 Messenger by Facebook: It’s a mobile app that lets you communicate with your Facebook’s friends for free. It’s so useful because you don’t have to pay anything to speak with several friends at the same time. You can also make video calls and send images, text documents, audios, and much more, for free!

#2 Snapchat: This mobile app lets you easily talk to your friends, view Live Stories that had happened 24 hours before (max.) around the world. You can share photos or videos within seconds with friends, and there is also a chat. You can’t save any media: you can only see them during a few seconds.

#3 Facebook: Everybody knows what Facebook is. This app helps you to communicate with others in a different way. It has also a chat (Messenger) but the app is built for sharing opinions, photos and videos with your friends.

#4 Instagram: This mobile app lets you share pictures, photos and videos with your followers. In addition, you have the possibility to explore the most popular profiles and to talk to your friends using Instagram Direct.

#5 Color Switch: It’s a new popular game. It’s a circle with colors and a ball, and you have to cross the circle with the same color’s ball. The more circles you pass, the more points you get.

#6 Pandora: Lets you listen to all your favorite stations on your mobile device. With this mobile app, you can access free personalized radio anytime you want to listen to music.

#7 YouTube: It’s the most important app used to share videos, which can be music, tutorial or thematic ones. In addition, the most famous singers share their newer songs with their fans in this app.

#8 Netflix: This app lets us see on-line series and films. We have to pay a small amount of money every month, and then we can see the contents where ever we want.

#9 Spotify: It’s an app that lets us listen all kinds of music. There is a premium service, but if you don’t want to pay, it’s free. You can listen all kind of music, and create a list of songs as well.

#10 This app is a multiplayer game where you play at the same time with others. You’ve got a snake that has to eat other players’ one. You are winning by having a higher score is higher than others.

#11 Piano Tiles 2: This game is built to simulate a piano. There are common songs and you have to tap the screen of your Smartphone to get points. If you fail, you have to start again.

#12 Whatsapp: It is one of the most popular apps in the world. Almost everybody has this mobile app in their smartphone. It’s so useful that you can have a chat conversation individually or in group with your mobile contacts. You can send images, audios, videos, contacts, PDFs and much more.

#13 Stack: The aim is to place squares on top of each other, getting smaller every time part of the square isn’t supported by the one underneath. Your score depends on how many squares you place on top of each other before missing completely.

#14 Candy Crush Jelly Saga: It’s one of the most popular games in the world. There are lots of puzzles with different colors that you have to solve. Once you pass, you go to the next level.

#15 It’s a new app. It consists in making a video of yourself singing a song and dancing. Then, this video can be shared by the app or in other apps like Facebook or Instagram.

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