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App for hotels: completely control your hotel from your mobile

Real-time: all the necessary information in your hotel’s app

Innovate and transform your hotel app into an effective tool in real time

The hotel industry can take a huge advantage from the use of mobile technologies and tools for management and control of all kinds of situations. An app for hotels can help you focus on your business and be a success as a Business Intelligence tool that will dramatically improve the customer experience.
With an app for hotel industry including BI you will:

  • Control entrance and leave times of your personnel, goods and customers.

  • Be aware of the stock of all types of products and generate automatic orders when necessary.

  • Expenses and retail earnings.

  • Fast, simple, cross-platform and easily accessible data.

  • Learn about the most successful activities, food, shows and services by converting data into knowledge.

These are just some of the many things you can achieve with a hotel app that will help you manage all the big data of your hotel. If what you are looking for is improving the experience of the hosted clients, an interactive app has literally endless ways to do it: from encouraging children with games to later joining them in paid activities with other children, to notify users about activities and invite them to come.

A few companies have innovated in this field so you can be a pioneer and become a reference with an app for hotels. Returning to the main topic, to sum up, a list of some ideas that would improve the experience of your guests:

  • Exclusive offers and notifications about activities in the area.

  • Report real-time events and invite everyone to attend.

  • Show your menu and meals.

  • Easy and digital room service.

  • Users can offer suggestions, comments or feedback from their room.

All these are only some of the infinite ideas and possibilities that an app for hotels can offer to your company as a management tool: we will build the APP that you need, just inbox us with your needs and we will call you back to meet in our offices in New York.

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