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Google Maps latest update lets you share places with your friends

Another sharp attempt by Google to reach more public

Google maps released new features a few days ago

Google maps is constantly getting upgrades. The last one makes it more social. What once was a basic GPS is now the most complete map service in the world. Google maps started by allowing users to browse the streets and “walk” through them as if they were there. They photographed cities around the world in 360 degrees to provide us with a revolutionary new experience.

Step by step and evolving through technological trends, Google Maps has been adding features that make it more colorful and user-friendly. One of these improvements was the possibility to mark businesses within a map to make themselves visible: users could now leave feedback for these businesses in the app. Many companies and freelances could reach a wider range of potential customers: this was really a good feature to include in Google Maps. 

?In the last update, Google maps pretends to be more social than ever by imitating other types of platforms like Yelp.

From now on, it is possible to create lists with your favorite places and share them you’re your friends and family. Another new feature is that allowing your followers to check your favorite places in the map.

This update, as social layer, invites users to share their favorite Google Sites and move from the private and closed model they had to a more public and social one.

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