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iOS development company in New York: iPhone and iPad | Abalit

Specialists as an iOS apps developing company

We fulfill your (and Apple's) expectations with special care to design and good practices.

Apple Inc. created iOS originally and only for their mobile called iPhone, although thanks to their success it was also implemented in their iPad tablets and their iPod touch. They currently own the second most used operating system for mobiles and are one of the fastest growing technological companies.

Introduction to iOS development for mobile devices

Since 2007, Apple is a pioneer and leader in the mobile market worldwide. They innovate year after year not only in their Smartphones that they launch but also on the Operating System which they work with. The company that Steve Jobs founded creates its own terminals and monopolizes it's operating system so it can be of maximum trust.

Security, fluency, power and style are some perfect words to define their devices. Without further a due, let's continue with our introduction to iOS app development.

Starting with the definition of the project, we meet you in our offices which are situated at the Empire State Building (59th floor), 350 5th av. 10118 — NYC although we could come and visit you at your office if you wish.

We gather the ideas and main functionalities that should appear in your app, then we classify them by importance for the end-user and finalize by establishing a monetization strategy, although we will talk about that later on.

Once we have defined the above our expert in usability starts the design of the iOS application screen by screen, distributing the different elements (text fields, buttons, images, icons and others).

The next step is the most complicated one and requires various programmers that are cable of developing an iOS app for the Apple App Store. Due to the factors that we will explain in the next paragraphs and also due to the exclusivity of Steve Jobs' company it is complicated to find true experts in this field. However, our team is already built by professionals that comply with these good practices. We also optimize your app so it is strong and stable. We design the databases in the best way, or we use the ones that are already installed in your servers: as developers we will adapt ourselves to any kind of situation.

You will be part of the team during the whole project and, from time to time, we will ask you some questions on our progress so you can see how your idea grows step by step and becomes true..

Later, we test your app with all kinds of users to ensure that it accomplishes your expectations without any bugs or incidences. After the testing period, all that would be left is to upload it to the App Store. After the approval of Apple, your application will be able to be downloaded from any iPhone, iPad or iPod. With this information, you should have a clear idea of our introduction in iOS Development at Abalit Technologies, in which more than 200 companies have trusted. You can contact us if you have any question or want to get more info about the processes mentioned above.

The successful iPhone and iPad conquer mobile technologies

We can confidently say that iPhone and iPad are the easiest recognizable mobile devices in the market. Every year they improve themselves regarding their specifications, design, quality and functionalities.

Apple, with its only device (despite having different models and versions for all kinds of public) has a market share of 54% in the US. What's really feasible about making a decision about developing your iOS app for iPhone will be, in fact, the type of user. This is much more trustworthy due to several factors, their mentality is different to Android users'. The main difference is their initiative to pay for the apps they use in comparison to Android users.

In the App Store we can find few free apps. All of them, despite being pretty simple, are highly updated and have a payment model that actually works (something difficult to carry out in Android). Even before iPhone, Apple already had a device that was a leader in the market of applications: the iPod. This could be the main reason why Apple users are more likely to pay for apps.

Even so, all these sales and monetization strategies that we mentioned above about “How to create apps” can be adapted and used to iPhone users.

The exclusiveness of Apple, develop your native iOS App in New York City

Apple policies are very strict, and despite being the most successful company when talking about mobile sales, they force developers to develop high-quality apps. They don't allow the installation of their software in third-party hardware, neither do they distribute development software to systems that don't use macOS. Programmers don't find it easy to learn this technology, so there aren't many of professionals of this type.
This situation affects iOS developers and also their end-users that find it difficult to decide on this Operating System instead of others. However, end-users are also different: they have a more fair mentality and are also more liable to contribute if a product satisfies them. The same application, assuming it would perfectly cover the needs of a user, would generate much better results in iOS than in other Operating Systems.

In the US, iOS has the highest market share and it also covers a more stable and trustworthy market.

iOS is the option we recommend the most to any company or business that wants to sell a particular product, being or becoming the market leader.

The advantages of being your iOS software developers in New York City

Steve Jobs' company doesn't make it easy for academies and schools to learn their programming language and that makes it difficult to train developers. All they have is the official documentation and their hard work. As there aren't any official certificates either, companies have to find, test and train their programmers in this area to know their level and to offer quality iOS app development.

These are the main reasons why said iOS is so exclusive. At Abalit, following our philosophy, we have changed things. We have improved the accessibility to get adapted to your budget so that anyone who would like to develop an app with us can do so. We love our job and thanks to over 10 years of experience creating apps for all sorts of platforms, we can best advise you to drive your product to success.

We respect the metrics and patterns established in design and development to endow our projects with high efficiency because, at Abalit, our iOS developments in New York, comply with the coding good practices.

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