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App development process

Let us guide you through the app development process

Developing a mobile app is easier if you follow some steps. From project planning to coding, and also we will show you some monetisation methods that will provide you with a higher ROI.

Get info on how to fully carry an app development project in New York. From conceptualisation to its creation, and also app monetisation possibilities.

Our app and mobility software company will lead you through all phases, this way you will have more possibilities to get a high-quality mobile app. Our mobility consultants are waiting for your mail in order to set up a meeting in which you tell us your needs.

Learn to monitor apps and take advantage with app development in New York

The demand for app development is increasing daily, and there are a lot of enterprises that are seeing a great opportunity in the smart phones services continuously.
The advantages that the mobile apps can give to your business are uncountable: business intelligence, presence in the social media, and of course they can improve your relationship with your clients by knowing their needs. If you want to get more information about the following subjects that we are going to expose, you can reach us at info(at)

Create your mobile app with Abalit technologies:

In Abalit technologies, we bet to develop apps in New York offering the best price and quality. We are always up-to-date as we work with great and recognized companies, such as Google and Apple.
The development that we carry here in New York is available to all types of smart phones: Android, iOS and windows phone, no matter which of these models or versions you have, we always have the perfect solution for you.

If your aim is to reach more platforms, we can work in a web development that will let your app run under iPhone, iPad, android, and tablets.
To create your app we use some methods that let us start quickly. We work with Card Sorting and Mock ups (interactive design without programming).
Thanks to this mock ups, we can we can generate a test that will help us reach the final product faster. After this step, we finally start the process to create the app.

The app creation process in New York

During the development of the app, our developers generate all the functions and screens that will take a part in the final project. At the end of every of single screen they test it to avoid bugs in the future. Writing clean codes is a must for us, following naming conventions, which increases the overall quality of our products. These are very important points for Apple and Google, and they will consider them positively when we publish them in App Store and Google Play.
Advice: The creation of an app involves some hard work that can take a long time. This is why there is a need for a great previous preparation, including a project plan; other wise, one cannot prepare a good strategy, which means that in the future a lot of problems can appear and the coding process will take more time.

Once the development process has concluded, we proceed to upload the application to the respective stores (Play Store in Android and Apple Store for iOS). We can then create a new account for your project, or if you prefer it we can upload to the Abalit Technologies one. During the next weeks, we will follow the app to attend users, fix bugs, and help you in case any doubt appears.
To do the APP's monitoring, we use Google's tools such as Mobile Analytics that lets us check the downloads, ratings, time of use and a lot more. We are experts in analyzing apps thanks to our marketing and SEO team, that is build by the best professionals carrying a lot of successful communication campaigns.

Reach success after doing a mobile application

If you want to develop a mobile app, the next steps can be very useful for you. Some of them will help you to improve the results of the application in terms of usability and other subjects, like online and offline advertisement. Some of the services that we include are:

  • ASO positioning
  • Application design, to bring the user experience to the next level
  • Responsive web, as a landing page to advertise your app
  • Offline promotion campaign for apps, specially effective in local apps launchment

We can create a pack according to the needs of your project. Including it along with the app development, we will make you a great offer. Ask us about our promotions without any commitment asking for a budget!

How to take the biggest advantage in an app: the monitoring

To get a high and fast return of investment in mobile development, we have to think about monitoring it taking a big advantage even before the beginning of the design.
Depending in our choice, we have the chance to earn money while getting loyalty from our users. This will help us to have a good economical reservoir that we can use to invest in advertisements and also to improve the app.
The choice of a monitoring method is very important as it is a hard risk we need to take. The reason is that our customers may have different ways to think among them. If we want to monitor it, there are three ways to do it:

  • Set a price:
    On one hand, to put a starting price can sometimes be a good option, specially for apps that are already known by a lot of users. In the other hand, it doesn't work so well with new apps, because it is possible that nobody knows them yet, so to get a good start the best option is to offer the app for free. This will increase the chances to get new users to test our mobile app.

    In fact, this kind of monitoring for Android apps in New York is a little bit more complicated than for iOS, because their users are not very likely to pay for the applications. The Apple market is focused on people with greater earnings, and at least their users are willing to pay for digital services. We can see that reflected in developer's licenses' pricing: android is just ~20 dollars lifetime, while apple is around 100 dollar yearly, so as you can see there is a big difference.
  • Advertisements within the app:
    This is the most used method in Play Store applications, and it is due to the fact that Google users prefer free-of-use apps rather tan paying for them. Anyway, in iOS, rarely you will find an app with ads.
  • In-app purchases:
    Purchases within apps are usually the best option, as long as they are correctly set and useful for the users. This method of payment is normally used in applications that are used daily, and in this case, they are very susceptible receive in-app payments because those purchases will help users to unlock useful functionalities.

Expand your business with mobile applications

If you want your app to reach other countries, no matter if it is iOS or Android, you must take in account the currencies of every single user's currency and the value of the monetary exchange. This will help you to extend your business easily across the world. Give relevant improvements by using your in-app purchases, because if the users don't see important changes with their extra payments they will not be satisfied, and eventually they will stop paying for your services.

Reinvest again in advertisement: If your application is published and has a lot of users, keep investing in advertisement, promotion and improving the functionalities, because this will even increase your users.

New York app development

Now that you know a bit more of our app development company, Abalit Technologies, let us offer you a wide range of services that you can enjoy. Some of them are:

  • Geolocation.
  • Interaction with APIS and BBDD + full ERP integration.
  • Connection with other applications.
  • Access to hardware's features like the camera or it's inner sensors.

We wish that this article about mobile app development in New York has helped you to improve your knowledge. We would like to remind you that you can reach us by mail or phone: we can solve any situation, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
Contact with our app development company in New York today!

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