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Pubs and restaurants need to get involved with technology to add value to their costumers: with a mobile app.

Expand your gastronomic business with a mobile app!

Pubs and restaurants can now own the mobile app that we have developed. But let me start with the importance of pubs and restaurants in our lives. A fact that shows us that, despite the crisis, more than half of New York's population is still meeting at pubs.
Because ... how many goals has a pub seen, how many "I love you", toasts and unforgettable conversations? Because in a pub, we write screenplays and we even write the constitution. The satellites detect a pub every 18 seconds: a fact that shows us that there are endless gastronomic businesses, which need a new technological tool to add value for their customers with a mobile app.

Our marketing department works with the enthusiasm and effort to count the endless businesses that choose to make a great campaign in online marketing, to introduce their product, launch information and post specific offers.

Focusing on the restoration business, we have noticed that there are several available mobile apps, apps that allow you to order food from your mobile phone, others that provide / promote the location of your business so people can find your pub/restaurant and some in which costumers can leave positive or negative ratings about their experience.

What about if you, like a gastronomic business owner, could find an exclusive app for your costumers where you could find out all of this? When we say all of this, we mean: that your customers can see the daily menu, being able to order from the mobile, and they can also find your location, web, phone, events / promotions and much more. All this would generate a competitive advantage for you, technological innovation and a high engagement with your customers.

The "biggest" social network is called "pub / restaurant" because we all like them: interaction, seeing each other, being together and the most important: communicating with each other. Abalit Technologies app developers are helping pubs and restaurants with this new and revolutionary mobile app, boosting your business with technological innovation (the mobile app for your own business).

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