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Mobile App for dry cleaners

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Mobile application for dry cleaners: grow your business and reach more audience

Your dry cleaning company is constantly in touch with your costumers when it comes to providing information about cleaning services, the time involved in it, prices, guarantees, time of collection and delivery and much more.
But... let's start from the beginning. With this app for dry cleaners, it will be easier for your customers and other mobile app users to get to know your business while they will be fully informed of everything they need to know. From the products you use up to how each piece/clothe is treated, knowing this information is essential for the costumers to trust you: using a mobile app is much easier.
When the costumer delivers an order, they can pay directly through your dry cleaner mobile app. In addition, this mobile application can calculate the time it takes for the clothing to be ready and notify your customer when the process has finished.

Our dry cleaners mobile app manages all of your work, being automatically in charge of contacting the customer when the cleaning work has been finished, and also indicating the time left or in which part of the process the piece actually is.

With this technological solution, you can get a much more customized service apart from improving the experience of your costumers and reaching a larger audience, which means one thing: growing your business thanks to a new mobile app for your dry cleaner.

If you want more information about this app for dry cleaners, or you have thought about other functionalities that would come in handy, contact us now for free.

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